The JamJam-Festival

The fourth edition of the JamJam Festival will take place from July 22 to 27, 2024 at the idyllic Fellershof. We look forward to seeing you in a wealth of inspiring, touching, fun, light, deep and authentic moments of improvisation. As always, there will be numerous JamJam sessions, as well as top-class workshops – in intensive or open-space format, where everyone can contribute their own ideas. With a duration of six days and a rest day in the middle, the festival program offers a little more time for integration, breathing out and grounding.

Save the date

The fourth JamJam festival will take place in 2024 from July 22th to July 27th at Fellershof. Stay tuned for further information …

“JamJam” – what is it?

Music is movement, is dance, is encounter. Listening to the silence in the room and the room in us. A discovery of movements beyond the known, of our impulses beyond the planned. A shared dance that no one has learned, no one can, no one knows.
An improvisational fusion of dance jam, music jam and scenic experimentation. We abandon ourselves to the body, to the senses, to life, to stop trying to do something and suddenly something new emerges. Being, all of me, we, are there and dance and play and meet and jamjam …

A JamJam is a play space where experimentation with movement, encounter, and sound mutually inspire each other. It is a largely non-verbal space.

To whom is the invitation addressed?

We welcome people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and physical conditions (accessibility info will be posted in the FAQ). Previous experience dancing or making music is not necessary.



Anna van Aalst: Resource oriented improvisation

Resource-oriented improvisation – or what it’s like to swim as a grape in the bubble

Through differentiated improvisation settings and scores, you will get to know new and unknown experiences, movements and forms of expression. You will expand your own movement repertoire through new “improvisation tools”.

In the field of resource-oriented improvisation, we will move with inner images, the body systems and the things that surround and inspire us.

The idea here is to immerse ourselves completely in the quality of something, to explore it and thereby discover new states of experience and scope for movement. The movement vocabulary thus becomes more complex and one’s own experiential spaces more profound.

It becomes mindful, still and listening;

                 playful, crazy and wild

                       lyrical, free and .

I look forward to the hours with you!

Workshop language: German

About Anna:

Anna’s life becomes more colorful and easier when she dances and moves. This is how she came to study eurythmy and has now been teaching movement and dance to people aged between 3 and 90 for 7 years.

The focus of her teaching is to accompany everyone into their own creative space so that they can try things out freely and authentically and surprise themselves.

David Bloom: Desires & Boundaries

Desires & Boundaries – an Improvisation Lab

Desires & Boundaries, in many manifestations, are issues i’ve been working and playing with for over 10 years. In this workshop, i want to consider the ways in which they arise while improvising. Where do they come from? What do we do with them? Are they friends? Allies? Enemies? Lovers? We will work with each other as mirrors of Desire, then expand our awareness to include our Desires towards our movement, the space, and the world at large. How do we let all of them in, or if we prefer, keep some of them out? 

This lab is for anyone who has ever had doubts about their choices while improvising.

About David:

David Bloom (he/him/his) is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, parent, filmmaker, pianist, bodyworker, and fermenting Jewish mystic. More info at:

Angela-Mara Florant: Hugging the Earth

Releasing into gravity, melting into and becoming one with the earth, sensing it’s strength and presence arise through our bodies, filling our joints, muscles and tissues and spreading out into all directions. Touching a stone, a tree, the ground, we will listen to and be aware of nature, sensing its stability, instability, heaviness, lightness and all the nuances in between. How can this dialogue with the earth and with nature inspire and enrich our dancing?

We will look at the four elements earth, air, fire and water. How can these elements be represented in our dance? What elements of composition can be observed in nature? What can I learn from nature to improve my sense of composition? When I see nature as a composer: how can I find my role in this greater composition, dancing in harmony with the natural surroundings?

„You’ve been swimming in gravity since the day you were born. Every cell knows where down is. […] Your mass and the earth’s mass calling to each other.“ Steve Paxton

Über Angela-Mara:

Angela-Mara Florant (GER) had her first experience with CI during her performance arts studies in Besançon, France. Based in Hamburg, she teaches several regular contact classes, gives workshops and organizes jams and festivals (NORDTANZ Festival). Since 2015, she is co- director of the dance studio “Triade” in Hamburg. In 2022, she brought to life the Contact CompanI, a dance company performing CI. When Angela-Mara is not dancing or teaching contact she is teaching corART (Pilates), directing independent theater productions, choreographing dance pieces (mostly based on CI). Teachers that have inspired her work are: Nancy Stark Smith, Jörg Hassmann, Nita Little, Anjelica Doniy, Mirva Mäkinen, Martin Keogh, Frey Faust, Scott Wells, Andrew Hardwood, Daniel Lepkoff,… 

Leonie Mayer: Music from the moment

In the workshop “Music from the moment” (sound, voice and music improvisation) we draw on the music that is always present, which is created by listening to the present moment, looking at movement and dance, inner images and sensing togetherness. In a playful way, we help each other to throw the demands of “good music-making” overboard and trust spontaneous impulses. Mastery of an instrument is welcome, but not required.
With lovingly prepared improvisation exercises composed for you from the moment, you will experience a sensitive space that opens up for deep as well as light expression
à la JamJam.

Language: German/English

About Leonie:

Leonie Mayer is a violinist and singer, improvisation teacher (trained by Peter Jarchow) and music therapist. Her performative focus is on concerts with her solo project “Gwendolyn&Ich”, as well as on music in combination with dance, especially contact dance and movement theater.

JamJam facilitators

Alex Zampini

Alex Zampini is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist active in the field of music, film-making and performance. As a C.I. practitioner he facilitates jams and festivals internationally as a musician and musical director.

His projects are process-oriented and combine his interests for social psychology, improvisation as a performance practice, social and environmental activism and the inquiry of power dynamics. [1]

Tabea Gregory

Tabea Gregory lives as a performing artist, theater pedagog and yoga teacher in Darmstadt. Internationally trained in Improvisation, Social Presencing Theater as well as Contemporary Dance she loves to create poetic stories with language, movement and sound. Her mission is to increase awareness through artistic practice. She teaches through awakening the senses and supports the trust in the body and its impulses.



Ticket price: 440€ – 660€ (sliding scale)
Helper ticket: 200€ (reserved for people with low income)